The youth years’ disco vibe carries away

The Oldies & Goldies Disco Tour is now on the move!
On a musical time trip can experience nostalgic decades as they were before. Two experienced disc jockeys, DJ's Nite and Ipi, punctuated by gilded records nostalgic memories of a chain. The good old hits be heard if necessary, from the original vinyls. Nite’s and Ipi’s decades of DJ experience guarantees a diverse musical event. Disco music from the target group can be transformed with, for example, K-40 or K-50 –nights or even a retro-disco version. Moderated the evening may also include competitions and quizzes by old-time model. During disco juvenile feeling is touched by hand - the same as the records were then!
Dj Nite aka Kari Niiranen
From city of Kuopio the flying old disc man’s more than four decades of DJ on a journey led back to its roots, largely on his own and the public of the original request. The baby boomers are a representative of the 1960s youth has grown up in middle age, the years have had time to mature in the next two decades, young people, our country's first real disco generation. They all remember their youth Nite, and as he was to continue. If necessary, the good old hits be heard from the original vinyls, just like when old times. Nite also speaks in between the records, which is rare in the current generation of disc jockey. People's desire to experience yearning for the past moves Nite from place to place. Appearances are more and more such as birthdays, corporate parties and other themed events.
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Dj Ipi aka Ipi Kaipiainen
Dj Ipi has danced restaurant crowd of thousands on DJ gigs. The first actual dj-Ipi premiered in 1979, threw a high school disco. Following the dj legends operation and his own style of grinding out the Ipi’s DJ career has continued to this day. In between is a true fit to the band business, humormusic, and working abroad. And even if the rock and the blues are all closest to the man, he can still catch the DJ work. In teen disco’s Ipi sees though rarely, but at the older music, theme nights are still home field. One feature of Ipi’s career has remained to this day: he is closely monitoring the reactions of the music to the people with respect, and selects the songs on the spot's preferences. The song lists are ready to listen on the radio, but Ipi’s nights they do not rotate.
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